The xx Live At Battersea Arts Centre

Listen to five of their new songs, premiered last Friday in London

Encouraged, we imagine, by the good feedback that their new songs immediately received on the internet (even though they are live recordings, and at times only fragments of songs that will surely be longer in their final studio version), The xx took advantage of the last of their three concerts in London to continue to bring out new material. Romy Madley Croft herself announced at the beginning of their performance on Friday evening at Battersea Arts Centre: “We’re going to play a whole bunch of new songs. I hope that’s alright with you” . And that’s what they did. Five new songs were played during their hour-long concert, and some of the fans present took the opportunity to record them. This is how the new material from The xx sounds.

Although the songs are identified on the players by name, their official titles are not known yet.

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