The Extinction Of The Record Shop In The UK On The Big Screen

The documentary "Last Shop Standing" out on DVD

About 2000 independent record stores have vanished in the past few years in the UK alone. A business that was profitable for over three decades, started to erode as new technology started to rise; first the CD, then the digital formats, both managed to tumble the temples for music lovers. But how did this happen? How do those who survive do it? What's the future of this business? These are some of the things discussed and analysed in "Last Shop Standing", the documentary directed by Pip Piper and based on the book of the same title. Norman Cook, Paul Weller, Richard Hawley and Johnny Marr are some of the musicians giving their opinion in the film, in which we also see some of the most legendary shops in the UK, such as Honest John's and Rough Trade.

Watch the trailer after the jump and order your DVD copy from here. Or, better yet, if you're in the UK, go to your local record shop and get your copy from an actual person. It will be out in cinemas in the UK in autumn, check out the schedule.

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