The-Dream, New Executive Vice President Of A&R For Def Jam

The company announces the acclaimed producer’s new desk job

Barry Weiss, director of Universal Republic and Def Jam Island Motown Records, announced yesterday that The-Dream would be the new executive vice president of A&R for the Island Def Jam Music Group split-off from the business conglomerate. After a few years as executive vice president of the Def Jam label, Terius Nash will go on now to supervise the group’s musical projects, as well as handling searching for and signing new talents for the company’s roster. Nash, who is currently involved with Rihanna and Pusha T’s new albums, had this to say about it: “I, with the help of many others, have run a successful business for the last five years in the midst of the 'Digital Change.' My concentration and effort will be to help the artist to succeed in their dreams and goals.”

Although now we know about The-Dream’s new desk job responsibilities, the arrival date of his anxiously-awaited fourth solo album remains unknown. "Love IV MMXII" was supposed to have been out in the middle of August, as announced with the release of the first single, "Dope Bitch". However, so far there is still no new official release date.


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