Kanye West Takes Part In An Erotically-Tinged Video For A Fashion Magazine

The rapper joins Polish top model Anja Rubik for “25”

Thanks to his friendship with model Anja Rubik, with whom he's been seen at several fashion events in recent times, Kanye West decided to team up with photographer and director Barnaby Roper to shoot the promo video for the Polish model's new fashion mag, 25. The piece is in the vein of the magazine's first editorial theme: eroticism. “It's funny. We talked about how porn looks these days, and he agreed with me that there's no porn out there that is beautiful aesthetically and integrates fashion to make a beautiful image... I thought it would be really interesting to make it seem like we were entering Kanye's head. […] It's not pornographic, but it's very sensual,” explains the model.

Watch the one-and-a-half-minute piece below. Besides Yeezy, there are some kaleidoscopic images, and naked ladies.

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