Streaming More Harmful To The Environment Than Pressing Up Physical Formats

27 online album streams are worse than the production of the record itself

Some people think that the digital age in music brings nothing but advantages, one of them being a supposed smaller impact on the environment, as opposed to the fabrication of CDs. However, a study called “The Dark Side Of The Tune: The Hidden Energy Cost Of Digital Musical Consumption”, by Dagfinn Bach for MusicTank, says rather the opposite. According to Bach's estimations, streaming one album 27 times can consume more than all the energy needed for the manufacturing and distribution of that same album on CD. The study also remarks that the use of cloud-based streaming systems is growing fast, which will require ever more and bigger server farms, which are consuming indecent amounts of energy. That's why he's calling upon the creative communities to think about whether they need to consider more ecological ways of producing. You can download the study for free from here.

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