The Stone Roses Have Recorded New Material

Says Chris Coghill, scriptwriter of “Spike Island”, the forthcoming film inspired by the Manchester group

We will soon have The Stone Roses touring around Europe, but the Manchester group is also in the news for a film, “ Spike Island”, which will be out in November. The film tells the story of a band that rises to stardom in the early 90s, even before having a record contract. The story sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The band’s live resurrection may even bring us a handful of new songs. “They have at least three or four songs recorded”, said Chris Coghill, the film’s scriptwriter, in a recent statement to the BBC. " Mani and Ian Brown said, 'Whatever we can do to help.' Essentially, it's my love letter to The Stone Roses and being 16 years old in 1990 in Manchester. There's a little bit of me in all the boys", added the writer about the film. This coming 8th and 9th June, in their warm-up shows at Razzmatazz, we’ll be able to see whether the band is up for playing any of these new unreleased songs that Coghill claims to have already heard.

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