Spoon Drummer On The Next !!! Album

New tracks tested during their recent West Coast tour

We hadn't had any news from the funk and post-punk steamroller called !!! (Chk Chk Chk to friends) since 2010. But after a small-venue tour on the American West Coast, band leader Nic Offer told the Los Angeles Times about the band's next plans. “ We’re doing the bulk of [the new album] in Texas, recording with the drummer from Spoon, Jim Eno. We were always fans of theirs. They're not really dance music per se, but they've always had an original sound and the songs have always had a lot of space in them which is really important for dance music. And we feel we still have more to learn there. And we called him up and got a hold of him, hung out and decided to try out the recording with him,” said Offer, also stating that they've been testing their new, Prince-influenced repertoire during the tour.

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