Sound Of The Cosmos Is Born

Tom Middleton inaugurates a publishing platform, along with journalist Joe Muggs

Producer and DJ Tom Middleton -Mark Pritchard’s old sidekick in Global Communication and Jedi Knights, among many other things - has joined forces with the musical journalist Joe Muggs and London DJ Richie Rundle to create Sound Of The Cosmos. It’s a new recording label intended to provide a home for contemporary musical derivatives of the garage and 2step rhythms that so inspired Middleton at the beginning of the last decade. In 2002, Middleton put out a series of mixes under the same name as the newborn imprint. The philosophy that inspired that series is exactly the one outlined by the roster of Sound Of The Cosmos: the exploration of new ways of syncopating rhythms and creating basslines, whatever genre the sound fits into.

The label’s first reference will see the light in September, gathering an assortment of producers including names that are relevant today, such as Silkie, VVV and Distal, alongside producers that are still unknown on the circuit. You can listen to a taste of the EP, as well as find out details about it, after these lines. Joe Muggs has also advanced some of the names that will feature on Sound Of The Cosmos’ second title. All signs seem to show that it will be another mini-compilation, on which we can listen to Blacksmif, Geiom and Distance. Welcome to the business.


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