Radiohead Performs Two Songs On Their New Tour

Listen to “Identikit” and “Cut A Hole”

On Monday in Miami, the American Radiohead tour started, their first real tour since the release of “The Kings Of Limbs” in February of 2011. There was something for everyone. They focused on the material that they were presenting, playing all of the songs on their last album except “Little By Little”; they also played two of the songs that flowered shortly after that, “The Daily Mail” and “Staircase”. They didn’t forget to include some of their biggest hits, like “Idioteque” and “Karma Police”, and remembered most of their albums, except “The Bends”. As a surprise, they performed a B-side from fifteen years ago for the first time live, “Meeting In The Aisle”, and included two totally unreleased pieces: “ Identikit” and “ Cut A Hole”. The first is the most surprising, with very marked percussion and choruses that sound a bit R&B, while the second is one of their trademark slow cuts.

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