Purity Ring Join 4AD And Last Gang

Or so we gather from the project’s website

With only a 7’’ released a year ago on Trasparent Records and a split along with Braids that saw the light at the end of last summer, the duo made up of Megan James and Corin Roddick has become a name to watch in record time. They fly in the orbit of that new synthetic pop that adopts certain sound elements associated with the hardcore continuum and witch house, with vocal sequences that go back and forth between ghostly and angelical. We hadn’t heard anything new about Purity Ring for months, but taking a look at their website, we found out that 24th July is a possible date for a new reference – whether that be their long-awaited debut LP (the times invite one to think it might be) or another 7’’. The most eye-catching thing about it is that the pair from Edmonton, going by the logos shown on the website, seems to have signed with 4AD and the Canadian company Last Gang (it is yet to be confirmed or denied by either of the labels). We’ll bring you more details about this subject when we have them.

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