Lana Del Rey Presents A 4-Minute Trailer Of Her Coming Video For “National Anthem”

Also, listen to the surprising remix that Clean Bandit have made of the same song

“DOPE CINEMA”. With these two words, Lana Del Rey illustrates the trailer of “National Anthem”, which appeared yesterday on her YouTube channel. Last week we passed on some declarations made by A$AP Rocky, in which he claimed that he would be playing an important role in the video. The “pretty motherfucker” plays the role of John F. Kennedy to Lana’s Jackie O. The clip, directed by Anthony Mandler, will take a few days to come out, but we can get an idea of what it will be like thanks to these first images.

Also, after the jump, we will leave you with the funky house remix that Clean Bandit have made of the same song. It will be released, alongside other remixes, on the 8th July.

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