PlayGround Joins AnyDecentMusic

Because it’s always better to get more than one opinion

For some time now, the internet has made itself the best ally for music information addicts. The advantages of online media over paper are clear: the immediacy, the multimedia possibilities, its scope and breadth. It also acts as a container for all sorts of voices, interests and opinions - often divergent ones - and all just a few clicks away.

At PlayGround, as a media source by and for people who can’t live without music, we enjoy writing about albums, as well as reading or debating about them. We are very aware that as far as listening to and evaluating albums goes, there is not, nor will there ever be, a single truth. This is why we are delighted by platforms like AnyDecentMusic, a sort of compendium of reviews taken from different specialised media, sort of like Metacritic, but dedicated solely to music. Its motto: “We review the reviews. You get the final word”.

Starting this week, PlayGround’s reviews will regularly be picked up by AnyDecentMusic, along with Pitchfork, Mojo, NME, The Guardian, Prefix, Rolling Stone, The Quietus, Uncut, BBC, Paste and Spin. There you will find the reviews of each album grouped together, organised by score, and you can access them all with a single click. This will let you enjoy different focuses and analyses, which will give you a much more complete image than any particular single vision. Because it’s always better to get more than one opinion before deciding what to buy or listen to.

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