Pharrell Williams Sets Up A New Label

The leader of N*E*R*D inaugurates it with a tacky, overdone video

Pharrell Williams has a new business project in hand, this time related directly with music. Pharrell is preparing to launch his new record label, i am OTHER. Yesterday he kicked it off with a tacky, overdone promotional video with messianic airs - but one that is sure to fire up a good part of his target group. In it the leader of N*E*R*D appears as a renegade, with a group of people on a hill waiting for the arrival of what we suppose is a spaceship, and calling himself “Other”. The record company’s main goal will be to provide an outlet for the music of young talents who have not yet received mainstream recognition: “The Others are multifaceted, pro-active people who live outside the box and aren’t confined by categories.” Its first signings are Cris Cab and Maxine Ashley.

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