John Peel's Record Collection Soon Accessible To Everyone

It will become an “interactive online museum”

Seven years after he died, John Peel's star is still shining. John Peel Day didn't take long to be established as a yearly event, but soon his presence will once again be felt on a daily basis, thanks to a new online project supervised by the Arts Council, with support from the BBC. According to the NME, there are plans to feature Peel's record collection (some 25,000 vinyl albums, approximately 40,000 singles and “many thousands” of CDs) in a new digital experiment called The Space. According to Tom Barker, director of the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts, it will be a first step in the creation of an “interactive online museum with access to the entire collection, one of the most important archives in modern music history”. The idea is to re-create Peel's home studio digitally, so that visitors can “interact with and contribute to” material in some way related to the late icon, “viewing Peel’s personal notes, archive performances and new filmed interviews with musicians”.

If everything goes as planned, The Space will be in operation between May and October of this year.


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