Alan Palomo Might Appear In Terrence Malick's New Film

The Neon Indian leader was spotted at SXSW with Rooney Mara

Though Terrence Malick likes to take it easy (see the six-year gap between his recent and acclaimed “The Tree Of Life” and its predecessor “The New World), he's been working on a new film, Lawless”, to be premiered in 2013, for a few months now. The plot has been described as revolving around “sexual obsession and betrayal set against the music scene in Austin, Texas.” The director is currently living in the Texas city, see. The curious thing about it is that last week he was spotted at SXSW shooting a scene with Alan Palomo and Rooney Mara, the goth hacker from the “Millennium” trilogy. What we don't know is if the leader of Neon Indian will be on the credits, alongside heavyweights like Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman, among many others.

Palomo possibly isn't the only musician to appear in the picture, as Malick's been shooting scenes at festivals such as Fun Fun Fest, with YACHT, and Austin City Limits, with Arcade Fire, Iron & Wine and Fleet Foxes, as well. Word has it that Christian Bale played the bongos with Robin Pecknold and his gang. What we do know, though, is that he didn't miss out on Iron & Wine's gig, as you can see in the video below.

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