Nile Rodgers Working With La Roux

The Chic member confirms that he is collaborating on the English duo’s second album

Elly Jackson and Ben Langmaidhan are taking their time in following up their successful first album as La Roux. It’s been three years since “La Roux” (Polydor, 2009) came out, and there is still no reliable information about that second album that they are supposed to have been working on since the beginning of 2011. There is no release date, not even a tentative one, but at least there are advances.

Last February, Elly Jackson told Mojo that their new songs were inspired by Nile Rodgers from Chic and all the “weirdest” disco music. We don’t know whether those declarations were intended as a seed, but they seem to have born fruit. Nile Rodgers himself has just confirmed in an interview with the Daily Star that he is working with La Roux on the duo’s second album. And there seems to be good chemistry . " I totally fell in love with La Roux, it was just insane. I only work with people who are monsters, and I was impressed with how organic and cool Elly was. She's the person that's in my cross-hairs right now."

The connection seems to go beyond studio work. Jackson announced on Twitter that this Friday she will sing with Rodgers at the Montreux jazz festival. We’ll soon see what comes of this union.


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