New Details About Megabox

Kim Dotcom’s new service will be available on 19th January

Ten days ago we let you know about the intention of Kim Dotcom, founder of Megaupload, to launch a new service, presented at the time as Mega, which will allow people to upload, store, and share large data files. What’s special about it? The data will always be coded at origin (only the user who uploads the data will have the key to decode it) and it will be stored in “the cloud”. Today we have more information about Megabox, the musical storage service promised some time ago by the controversial German businessman. Today he has created an account on Facebook where he assures that the new service will offer users “unlimited space for all your music” which will be “Free. Easy. Legal” and that it will be ready this coming 19th January, which is to say, exactly one year after the raid in which he was arrested in his own mansion in New Zealand.

Last month, the computer technician announced that the platform was 90% finished and some sources announced that in the long run it will also include a music distribution service similar to that of Spotify and Bandcamp, which will allow musicians to upload their own songs and sell them directly to other users. Anyway, despite Dotcom’s assurance that the service is legal, several sources warn that this launch might violate his parole or lead to him having more charges brought against him.

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