Morrissey Attacks Obama

He also speculates on his future in music

In a recent interview with JuicyOnline, the always opinionated Morrissey has given us some new pearls of wisdom. Let's start with the strictly musical ones. When asked how his iconic status affects him. Mozz said: “I have never embraced rock celebrity status, and wouldn’t want to. To be called a celebrity these days is to be called an idiot. David Beckham is a perfect example of a celebrity. He also said he feels flattered when people insult him. About his future, keeping in mind he once said he didn't see himself performing after turning 55, and he's 53 now, he stated: “I am slightly shocked to have gone as far as I have. I’ve aged a lot recently, which is bit distressing for me. Do I continue as a modern day Andy Williams? I take one hour at a time. We will all probably be blown up by the Syrian government soon, anyway, so it hardly matters [laughs].

Syria is one of the global social problems most on his mind right now, as is the “uselessness” of the United Nations. “Whether it’s Assad in Syria, or the British so-called royals, all world leaders are dictatorships, and from what we’ve seen in the middle east, they will all not hesitate to turn the tanks onto their own people should anyone question their morality. It’s fascinating. It’s only my personal view, but I think the age of the President or the Prime Minister is dead. People everywhere have lost faith in politics, and rightly so. Something different needs to happen. I think we were all initially swept along with the Obama win, but he’s proven to be simply a set of teeth, and useless in every other regard.”

New Morrissey deliveries will come soon, on these pages.

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