Microsoft Debuts Its Xbox Music Service

The corporation renews Zune Music, expanding its features

Microsoft doesn't want to stay behind in the streaming and buying music war, and has launched Xbox Music, a service born from Zune Music for Xbox 360 and PC. Xbox Music will work on any Windows 8 device: tablets, mobile phones, and computers, and of course on the Xbox 360. The difference with the previous version of Zune is that, apart from having access to a virtual store, the new service will also offer music streaming. Microsoft has licensed 30 million songs for that purpose. Like Spotify, the new service will be financed through advertisements, and the monthly fees users will pay if they don't want their music to be interrupted by commercials. Premium users will pay 9,99 US dollars a month, or 99,99 US dollars a year. Xbox Music is available as from today on the Xbox 360, tablet and PC users will have to wait until 26th October, and mobile phone users until the 29th.

Apart from debuting its new service, Microsoft has also revealed some future improvements, which it's working on as we speak. Among the improvements are access to Xbox Music from other operating systems than Windows 8, the system recognising the user's collection on their device so that it appears unified in the Xbox Music display, and the possibility of offline playing, like in Spotify.

The release of the music subscription service coincides with the arrival of Windows 8 on 26th October, which suggests Microsoft is working hard to get back on top in the technology market.

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