Madonna Fans Angry With The Diva After Her Short Show At The Olympia In Paris

The promoter hadn't warned the show wouldn't even last an hour

Last night we were in front of our computer screen watching the stream of the special concert Madonna would give at the Olympia in Paris as part of her successful “The MDNA Tour”. She played nine tracks, among them a rendition of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin's “ Je t’aime moi non plus”, and the unofficial premiere of “ Beautiful Killer”, with extracts from the James Bond track “ Die Another Day”. Those who had hoped to hear “ Love Spent” or a neglected single like “ Hollywood”, might have felt somewhat disappointed after hearing the special set. But what weren’t shown on YouTube were the audience’s reactions when the lights went on after 45 minutes and the show was over.

Several people recorded what happened with their own cameras and mobile phones, when a large number of fans started throwing glasses at the stage, shouting that they wanted to be reimbursed (tickets were between 89 and 276 euros), and even held up improvised signs insulting the diva. The latter might have been fans of Marine Le Pen, who is waging war against Ciccone. Nevertheless, despite the exceptional nature of the concert (capacity was limited to 2700 people), the anger was understandable, after paying such high prices for a show that started half an hour late and lasted only 45 minutes.

Reactions would no doubt have been different had the promoter informed people beforehand that the “special and intimate concert” was actually just another promo thing, like the ones she did at the Brixton Academy when she released “ Music”, or at Koko when “ Confessions On A Dance Floor” came out. Those events were broadcast on the internet as well, but were free.

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