Madonna Streaming Tonight From The Olympia In Paris

The diva makes a special stop on “The MDNA Tour” at the legendary Parisian theatre

Just a few days ago, she performed for nearly 80,000 people at the Stade in France. But not satisfied with that, Madonna is back tonight in Paris to offer a concert-delicatessen for a handful of her followers. In a few hours, the diva will offer an exclusive show for 2,700 lucky souls in the French capital’s legendary Olympia theatre. If your wallet won’t let you be there, or if you tried and didn’t manage to get your hands on a ticket, you’ll be happy to know that starting at 10:15 p.m., the concert will be broadcast in its entirety on YouTube, specifically here. Besides performing songs from “MDNA”, Ciccone is expected to reclaim a few other songs that she had been passing over onstage. Tonight we’ll find out whether it’s true, from the comfort of our own homes.

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