M83 Will Put Music To “Oblivion”

Anthony Gonzalez is writing the soundtrack to Joseph Kosinski's new film

We don't know if the effect caused by their sci-fi videos for Midnight City and Reunion has anything to do with it, but Anthony Gonzalez has been chosen to write the score for “Oblivion”, a science fiction film starring Tom Cruise and directed by Joseph Kosinski, who you'll know as the director of “Tron: Legacy”, among other things.

As he told The Playlist, Kosinski was listening to M83 a lot in 2005, when he started working on “Oblivion”. When he had to choose someone to do the soundtrack, the choice was obvious. "I've wanted to do soundtracks for so long, and starting with such an ambitious project, especially in the sci-fi category, means a lot to me [...] I'm not afraid to do my first soundtrack on a big Hollywood movie, with a big budget and a lot of pressure. I like challenges and it excites me more than frightens me. I can't wait to hear my music played by amazing musicians, and an orchestra and brass and maybe choirs. It's a chance to create something big and I'm ready for it."

Shooting for the film will start soon in Iceland and the United States; its premiere is expected for April 2013.

El filme comenzará a rodarse próximamente entre Islandia y Estados Unidos, y las previsiones apuntan a su estreno en abril del próximo año.

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