Listen to “One Second Of Love”

Nite Jewel's new album will be out on 3rd March

As the first advance tracks suggested, with “ One Second Of Love”, the second album by Nite Jewel, Ramona Gonzalez has definitively left behind the homemade, eight-track recordings in order to go for a more hi-fi sound. Though stylistically there are hardly any changes (spacey pop, synthetic funk and dreamy, romantic R&B), this time the songs come drifting out of the fog sounding much clearer than on her previous efforts. However, the new polish doesn't affect the personality of the music. Ramona shows that she is about more than production techniques and her compositions still have that alien charm which has always characterised her music.

The record will be out on 3rd March, on Secretly Canadian, with the first copies of the vinyl edition on delicious white vinyl.

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