Lil B Lecturing At NYU

The “Based God” will take his particular philosophy to the classrooms

Quelling any doubts that Lil B has become a cultural icon, the reputed New York University has invited the Bay Area rapper to offer its students a lecture. The conference will be on 11th April at one of the lecture rooms of the university's Kimmel Center. No details about the contents of his lecture have been revealed, but we imagine the central theme will be the artist's unique philosophy; which his followers on the social networks are more than familiar with and which is based on positive messages, mundane analysis between the puerile and the metaphysical and self-referential paroxysm. When confirming the event, Lil B declared that “the reason why I am having my first rare lecture at NYU university is because I specialize in the progression of human race. It could be legendary.

Here we leave you with his most recent delivery, “ Ima Eat Her A$$”, which isn't exactly one of his most, err, academic songs.


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