Lana Del Rey Before She Was Lana Del Rey

An album supposedly by a teenage Elizabeth Grant, under the name May Jailer, surfaces on the web

Word about her past as Lizzy Grant started to spread as soon as Lana Del Rey started to gain notoriety. What seemed like a “lost” album at first, hated and kept a secret by the artist, has become a collector's item among many of her new fans. In fact, Del Rey herself will reissue that “Lana Del Ray a.k.a. Lizzy Grant” shortly (possibly by the end of the summer, she said last January). However, there seems to be an even earlier album in Elizabeth Woolridge Grant's career: “Sirens”. It's an acoustic, folky record, which she supposedly recorded under the name May Jailer, when she was 17. The LP has just surfaced on YouTube.

The face on the record sleeve is Grant’s, there's no doubt, and the voice sounds a lot like hers, but we can't guarantee it's not a well-executed hoax. We'll tell you more if the news is confirmed.

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