LCD Soundsystem Possibly To Return For A Movie Soundtrack

According to James Murphy in The New York Times

It's been a year since LCD Soundsystem disbanded, but, as some already suspected, their silence might not be forever. Not that there's any word on a possible reunion or anything. But James Murphy said in an interview with The New York Times that the band were asked by a film director (whose name he didn't want to reveal) to record a cover version of a band (whose name he also didn't want to say), for the soundtrack of his new picture. Murphy said that everyone in the group “seems to want to do” it. We're getting ready for the tsunami of information and rumours on the subject.

In other news, Murphy also took the opportunity to remind everyone he's getting ready for the opening of his 'personal store' in Brooklyn, House of Good, where you will be able to find his own coffee brand, Danish candy, socks and suitcases modified by our hero. More details soon.

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