Kraftwerk at the MoMa

The New York museum will hold a retrospective of the band including eight special concerts

The MoMA (Museum of Modern Art of New York) has prepared eight special evenings, on consecutive days, which promise to be historic for lovers of electronic music in general and Kraftwerk in particular. From April 10th to 17th, the museum will present a chronological exploration of the sound and visual experiments of Kraftwerk, with a live presentation of the band’s most electronic repertoire, in the museum’s Marron Atrium. Every night, Kraftwerk will perform one of their last eight albums (“ Autobahn,” Radio-Activity,” Trans-Europe Express,” The Man-Machine,” Computer World,” Techno Pop,” The Mix,” and “ Tour De France”) accompanied by 3D shows created for the occasion. Also, over the course of these reviews, there will also be time for some additional compositions from their catalogue, specifically adapted for this exhibition.

It must be emphasised that the organisation has not confirmed the presence of Florian Schneider, who left the group in 2008, so it is expected that the only original member of the group to take part in the project will be Ralf Hütter. Tickets will go on sale Wednesday the 22nd at a cost of 25 dollars per evening. You can purchase by following this link .

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