The Knife Claim Light Asylum's Shannon Funchess' services for their new album

The release date of the follow-up to “Silent Shout” is still unknown

The Knife's new album was expected for some time this year, but it doesn't seem like it's going to happen in 2012. The only thing we've heard so far about the follow-up to “Silent Shout” (Rabid, 2006) has come from Shannon Funchess, from Light Asylum, who told Dazed Digital that she's been in the studio with the Swedes and that “in a couple of days I’m going to Berlin to record some more. In another interview, this time with No Conclusion, Funchness went further than that, saying that the lyrics for the track in question were written by visual artist Emely Roysdon. Karin [Dreijer Andersson] and I sang the lyrics and created the melodies along with Emily as well, and Olof [Dreijer] and Karin produced the music, said the new Grace Jones of dark electro-pop. It may not be for this year, but it looks like the stars are lining up for The Knife's big return in 2013.

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