Kanye West To Debut His New Short Film In Cannes

He's shooting it in Qatar as we speak

Early this year, part of Kanye West's entourage was in the Middle East to get things ready for their boss to shoot his new arty short film. In the end, they chose Qatar as the scene for a film that will be premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. 'Ye's short film won't be part of the official festival program, but the rapper still wants to take the opportunity to show his work to an international audience. Apparently, the idea is to rent an open air space in the city to project the film on several screens. That's the plan, although sources close to the New Yorker told NY Daily News that, twenty days before the festival starts, shooting has only just started.

The piece, a thriller, will last about 30 minutes. There are also rumours that Kid Cudi could be one of the main stars.

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