James Murphy May Produce The New Arcade Fire Album

When asked about it, the New Yorker neither confirmed nor denied

Rumours about James Murphy producing the upcoming album by Arcade Fire are growing. While there's no official confirmation, the Canadian band's fans are talking about a recent interview Zane Lowe did with Murphy, who was rather evasive when Lowe asked him about it (Can you talk about the AF record?”), jokingly answering “No, no. That's not something I can talk about yet. The Abercrombie & Fitch record.” Which could mean we're on to something. Listen to the interview fragment below.

In the past, Murphy has expressed his desire to work with the band, admitting that the idea was on the table. Shortly after announcing LCD Soundsystem's disbanding, the NY producer said that one of the reasons for calling it quits was that he wanted to spend more time on other projects, such as producing other artists. “There are other things I haven't been able to do because of [LCD Soundsystem]. Twice, I couldn't make an Arcade Fire record. I couldn't make a Spoon record. I couldn't work with John Cale or Devo. The plan was for this band to be part of my life, then it started to be the whole of my life.” Now that he does have time for other things (novels, coffee, short films and the lot), this could be his opportunity to get that whole “not being able to work Arcade Fire” thing out of his system. However, we insist, this is all speculation, an unconfirmed rumour.

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