Mick Jagger Will Produce A Future Biopic About James Brown

It isn’t known yet who will be in charge of directing the film

It looks like Mick Jagger will have some very busy months ahead of him. If The Rolling Stones’ future concerts in London and New York before the end of the year weren’t enough, it has just come out that Jagger will be involved in producing, along with veteran Brian Grazer, a biopic about the legendary James Brown. Although it isn’t known yet who will direct the film (there is buzz about Tate Taylor as the best candidate, but it has yet to be confirmed), what is known is that the scriptwriters Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth, the authors of “Fair Game”, are behind the project. As the months go by, we will hear more details about this film, which has been approved and authorised by Brown’s family, and which will show all sorts of details about the rise to fame of the “Godfather of Soul”.

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