Grooveshark Returns To Being A Paid Subscription Service In Several European Countries

The platform is asking a monthly fee of between 2 and 4 dollars in order to continue working

Music streaming services are faced with ever tougher legislation in the countries where they operate. A few weeks ago, Grooveshark disappeared from Germany, after the German copyright organisation started waving with a huge fine. As the company was in no position to pay such an amount, they closed up shop. But that's not all, as in other European countries - such as Russia, Romania, Ireland and Finland - users were surprised to find the following message when logging in to the music platform: “Our vision for Grooveshark never included charging users for basic access, but rising costs may force us to shut down in your country as we recently did in Germany. We need your support. In order to stay open, we’re asking every user to pay $4/month (USD) for access to Grooveshark. With your help, we can continue to operate in your country–providing you with millions of songs, playlists, favourites, featured artists, and everything else you love about us. Thanks for your support and understanding.”

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