Gorillaz Might Continue Without Jamie Hewlett

Albarn declares that he might continue without his drawings

Damon Albarn is still making up his mind regarding the future of Gorillaz. Although not long ago he denied that Blur and Gorillaz had come to an end, now he has taken advantage of an interview with Shortlist to hint that his project with Jamie Hewlett might continue without the illustrator. “It was very much Jamie [Hewlett] did the visuals and I did the music. The music won’t change, so there could be another Gorillaz record tomorrow. It wouldn’t necessarily have Murdoc - the cartoon aspect to it - but musically, no, nothing’s changed whatsoever”. But still, he hopes it doesn’t come to that. Albarn trusts that the current artistic differences between him and his mate can still be resolved and that there might be another joint album. “Jamie wants to do other things and I understand," he said. "But you never know, in a few years he might have a burning desire to draw those pictures again, and as soon as he does that, as far as I’m concerned, there could be another Gorillaz album." So only time will tell.

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