Joe Goddard Talks About The New Hot Chip Album

Possible release in June

Thanks to the indiscreet window that is Twitter, we know that Hot Chip's new album has already been recorded and is now waiting to be mastered. Now, thanks to an interview with NME, we have found out that the band are thinking of June as the release month for the as of yet untitled LP. According to Joe Goddard, the album will “probably be out around June, but it’s not absolutely decided yet.” Regarding the sound, Goddard stated: “It basically sounds like Hot Chip, we haven’t done anything particularly weird. […] It’s a beautiful thing. That’s what brought everything together for this new record. It’s a continuation of our love affair with different kinds of dance music.”

As a fun fact the music history fetishists will appreciate, we can add that the record was made on the old mixing desk of Conny Plank, the same on which Kraftwerk, Harmonia and Cluster made some classic works. Will their spirits shine through?

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