Geoff Barrow Announces A Second Beak> Album

“>>” will be out in June

Geoff Barrow stays hyperactive. After his recent rap digressions with Quakers on Stones Throw - and the cinematic synth music on DROOK (his album with Ben Salisbury, written like a soundtrack for an imaginary film inspired by the fictitious Mega-City One city-state and Judge Dredd) - the Bristol musician is now reactivating Beak>, his other project besides Portishead. The album will be titled “>>” (try to pronounce that) and will be out on Invada, between 11th June (on physical format, though in North America it will be released on 3rd July) and 13th June (on digital). As a first appetiser of this second album, we bring you “Yatoon”, an instrumental track, lineal and simple, in the Kraut-rock vein of the first LP.


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