Friendly Fires + SBTRKT

Collaboration underway

There is friendship and mutual admiration between Friendly Fires and SBTRKT. They've been sharing the stage recently; now they're going into the studio together. Last weekend, the St Albans band curated one of the Bestival stages, getting artists like Frankie Knuckles, A Guy Called Gerald, Lone, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and, of course, SBTRKT together under the slogan ‘The Past, Present and Future of Dance Music’. It was there, backstage at Bestival, where Ed Macfarlane told NME about their collaboration. “As soon as we get back from Bestival we're going into the studio with SBTRKT to work on a song we've started. It's hopefully going to be a limited seven-inch that's available only on our tour.” Sounds like a great idea, in the light of their upcoming tour together. “SBTRKT is supporting us on our next tour and it just felt totally right, probably my favourite record of the year, a dance act with a pop sensibility which is what we're about..

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