Flying Lotus Answers Beck's Call

Soon we'll be able to hear what their collaboration sounds like

Beck Hansen continues to try to get the most out of his address book. Though his Record Club is on hiatus, our blond hero never stops working with others. Shortly after hearing his production work for Dwight Yoakam, Flying Lotus revealed in Drowned In Sound that he, too, has been spending some time in the studio with Beck. “He hit me up after the last record and wanted to do something,” he commented, and that 'something', according to him, “sounds like Can but fucked up. It's really quite dark.” The song is now sitting on FlyLo's hard drive, “waiting for when the time is right.”

On a more individual note, Beck is preparing the release of “Song Reader”, an album on paper format, to call it something. The project contains twenty new songs that have never been recorded; they only exist as scores, each track accompanied by its corresponding artwork. Read more about the project, and pre-order your copy of “Song Reader” here.

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