Florence Welch, The New Diva Of The Dance Floor?

The frontwoman of Florence + The Machine states that she is involved in a parallel project called simply Side Project

Not content with having become the new icon of contemporary melodramatic pop, the frontwoman of Florence + The Machine stated in an interview with Digital Spy that she has recorded “a strange house piece” for a parallel project called simply Side Project. According to Florence Welch, the song has ecclesiastical touches and for the time being, she intends to keep it to herself. We can’t get over the shock of this implied artistic change in the neo-diva, after listening to the remix that Calvin Harris did of the recent “ Spectrum”, even with a cold shower. The redhead declares herself to be a staunch fan of the producer in the same interview, commenting that what she likes most about him is that his songs “have a mixture of euphoria and melancholy that he has tried to perfect as an artist”. The fear on the streets is palpable.

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