Filmmaker Chris Marker Dead At 91

He was a capital figure in cinema experimentation

We're sad to hear of the demise of French filmmaker Chris Marker, one of the most remarkable people in the development of the language of the documentary, and a capital name in cinematic experimentation. In spite of his enormous influence in film, he was little known by the public, partly as a result of his own refusal to stand in the spotlights. Among his works are documentaries such as " A Grin Without A Cat" (1977), about the rise and fall of the social movements of the 60s and 70s; "A.K." (1985), about Akira Kurosawa and filmed during the shooting of "Ran"; "The Last Bolshevik" (1992), about Alexander Medvedkin, and " One Day In The Life Of Andrei Arsenevich" (2000), his tribute to the work and person of Andrei Tarkovsky. Fiction-wise, his most important effort was "La Jetée" (1962), focusing on scientific experiments about time-travelling in a post-apocalyptic context, almost entirely made from still photos. Besides starting the genre of cinematic essays, the work was an inspiration to, among others, Terry Gilliam, for his film “12 Monkeys".

His work has been of influence on experimental sonic artists as well, as proven by the “Her Ghost” project, which saw Kode9, Ms. Haptic (Jessica Edwards) and the MFO collective reinterpret "La Jetée" as a tribute. The audiovisual piece was commissioned by the Unsound festival, and premiered at the event in Krakow, in November 2011. Here we leave you with its trailer, and with the original version of "La Jetée".


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