New Film About The Golden Age Of Brit-Pop

Featuring music by Graham Coxon, Emmy The Great and Tim Wheeler (Ash)

Luke Snellin, one of the most promising British independent filmmakers, thanks to short films such as Disco” (watch it below), will call his first feature film The Wanderers”, and it's going to be a “non-conventional Brit Pop teen musical set in Colchester in 1996.” The story will be about the first amorous adventures of a 16-year old and the attempts of his band, The Wanderers, to become the new sensation in Brit-pop. Star of the film will be Bill Milner, who recently played the young Magneto in X-Men: First Class”.

Of course, the flick will feature a stellar soundtrack, with contributing artists like Graham Coxon, Tim Wheeler from Ash, and Emmy The Great. Neil Hannon, Mark Morriss from The Bluetones, and Ian Broudie from The Lightining Seed will be participating as well, though it's not clear whether they will do so as consultants or as actors. The director hopes to start shooting by the end of this year, so the film is likely to come out in 2013.


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