Facebook Will Charge For Promoting The Updating Of Friends’ Statuses

For seven dollars, a post will reach more people

Since it came out on the stock market, with shares that have continued to plummet, Facebook has been looking for new ways of generating income in order to keep investors happy, and now it’s come up with one that is sure to make waves. The idea is to charge private users to give a certain message greater visibility among their friends. So far, a new update on the status of a user’s bio is seen by 12% to 16% of their contacts. By paying about seven dollars, people will be able to make sure the news reaches a larger number of people. The effect will be limited, in any case. The novelty is aimed only at private users, and no private person on Facebook has more than 5,000 friends.

It might not work much for sharing photos from a trip or telling a joke, but the company thinks that this will be useful for selling things that you have sitting unused in your garage, announcing the loss of a pet, or communicating important news such as a wedding or a death. Would you be willing to pay seven dollars to make sure that your message reaches more people?

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