Exhibition Dedicated To David Bowie At The Victoria & Albert Museum

The retrospective will give an overview of the artist's multifaceted legacy

Now that we need a miracle for David Bowie to return to the stage, his fans will have to make do with the big, 4-month expo the London Victoria & Albert Museum will dedicate to the man; starting 23rd March, 2013. “David Bowie” is with the blessing of our hero himself - although he hasn't been involved with it - and will be a real Bowie paradise.

Manuscripts of famous songs like “ Fame”, the storyboard of the video for “ Ashes To Ashes”, three of his most iconic suits (the suits and hat by Natasha Korniloff Pierrot for “Scary Monsters”, the cape the late Alexander McQueen designed for the sleeve of “Earthling”, and the jumpsuit Freddie Buretti gave Ziggy Stardust for his descent to Earth), images from his videos and films, photos and collages by the man himself that have never been seen publicly before; it's all going to be part of the most complete Bowie retrospective ever. There will also be a focus on some of Bowie's passions, like his fascination with Fritz Lang and Kabuki theatre. More info and tickets here.

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