Earl Sweatshirt Will Have His Own Label

New records in the works with Tyler and Matt Martians, and a new solo album

The New York Times dedicated an extensive report to Earl Sweatshirt yesterday, with interviews with the rapper, his mum and his agents. Besides shining a light on his time in Samoa, and the adaptation process after his return to LA, the piece also revealed the future plans of the prodigious rapper.

According to the article, Earl has signed a distribution deal with Columbia Records, property of Sony Music, for his own label, Tan Cressida. However, that doesn't mean he's finished with Odd Future (also distributed by Sony, through RED), quite the contrary: one of the main conditions of the deal is that he can include the collective's logo on all of his releases.

Regarding his creative output, Earl claims to have three albums in the works: his official solo debut, a record with Matt Martians from The Internet, and the first LP by EarlWolf, his project alongside Tyler, The Creator.

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