Drake Involved In A New Aaliyah Album

Drizzy's new single features the voice of the deceased singer

Drake's love for Aaliyah is no secret (he has a tattoo of the girl on his back, for instance), so it doesn't come as a surprise that the Canadian is involved in a project related to the deceased princess of R&B. According to HipHop DX, Drake is to premiere a new single this Sunday, 5th August, featuring the voice of Aaliyah at the OVO Festival in Toronto. But there's more: according to the same publication, Drizzy is producing the singer's first posthumous album, though nothing's been confirmed officially.

Remember that last March on Tim Westwood's radio show, Drake already hinted that he had a few “special things” related to Aaliyah going on. “I have some great Aaliyah news coming soon. Just some special things. Just gave you that, just a little. Because I said, I’m with Westwood, so I can’t not. But great things, great things for music, period.”

It wasn’t only Drake who referred recently to that supposed posthumous album by the late Detroit singer. Jeffrey 'J. Dub' Walker tweeted, also in March, that he was involved in the production of an unreleased Aaliyah track. At the time, the singer's brother was quick to respond, stating that “there is no official album being released and supported by the Haughton family.”

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