RZA's Debut As A Movie Director Will Come Out In Autumn

Watch the trailer for “The Man With Iron Fists”

After more than two years of work, The Man With Iron Fists ”, RZA's debut as a film director, will come out some time this autumn. The picture is set in feudal China, and combines the classic elements of kung-fu films with fantasy. Apart from directing, acting and co-writing the script with Eli Roth, the Wu-Tang Clan member has also written the score. In declarations to Variety, RZA explained that, though at first he didn't want to be in charge of the music, Quentin Tarantino, one of the film's co-producers, finally convinced him to change his mind.

In order to shape the music, the musician and rapper emulated an orchestra with “five or six different computers, about seven or eight keyboards.” The result, according to RZA, sounds like “Morricone meets RZA.” Besides his compositions, co-written with Howard Drossin, the film will also feature music by Kanye West, The Black Keys, Wu-Tang Clan, and Wiz Khalifa.

Here we leave you with the trailer for “The Man With Iron Fists”.

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