David Lynch

More details on his first solo album

David Lynch - “Crazy Clown Time” After “Good Day Today” and “I Know” were released late last year, it was a known fact that David Lynch intended to release an album (or several, actually) in order to further expand his unclassifiable artistic universe. Now we know that said album - “Crazy Clown Time” - will be out on the 7th November (a day later in his home country), on Sunday Best. The record will hold fourteen tracks, defined by their maker as “modern soul”. “There were so many accidents; this album should be in the hospital,” said Lynch of the formation of the work, with the help of sound engineer Dean Hurley. The release features a collaboration with Karen O - on “Pinky’s Dream”. Apart from the regular formats, the album will be released in a special limited edition on double vinyl, with bonus tracks. More details soon. In the meantime you should take a look at the director's website, where you can follow his musical trajectory so far – you'll see that Lynch is far from a rookie in the music bizz.

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