DOOM Accused Of Sending A “Substitute” To A Performance In London

The masked rapper has previously admitted to playing this sort of trick

Last Saturday night MF DOOM was supposed to perform as DJ at Concrete, in London. The promoter Livin' Proof had contracted this performance with his official management agency. It was to be a gig at a small-capacity venue, not with the aim of making a lot of money, but rather to give spectators an intimate, legendary night in the company of the masked rapper. According to the promoter, events went down as follows: the morning before the performance, the enigmatic rapper’s team contacted them to request more money than that agreed upon in the contract. In spite of this, Livin' Proof agreed. At 9:30 pm, with the doors of Concrete already open, DOOM’s management told the promoter that the artist wasn’t going to DJ—which was what had been agreed upon in the contract—but just sign autographs. When Livin' Proof refused to accept another change in the contract conditions, MF DOOM and his team finally gave in. But something was off: the person who showed up wearing the metal mask didn’t look like DOOM.

"As many of the people in the venue noticed, there is a very strong possibility the person that was finally sent down was not DOOM himself", adds the statement that Livin' Proof has posted on its Facebook page. The promoters not only feel ripped off as business people, but also as fans of the artist. For this reason they have announced that they will be taking legal action to compensate the main ones harmed by this event, that is to say, to refund the money of those who attended the performance. They also apologise to those in the audience who were disappointed.

DOOM himself recognised in 2009 that he sometimes hires someone else to go to performances in his place (these people are known as "DOOMposters"). After the news came out, many of those who were present at the rapper’s terrible performance this June in Barcelona are wondering whether the man who was onstage for barely 10 minutes was DOOM or another "DOOMpostor".

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