“Hi Custodian”, The Dirty Projectors Film, Premieres

Watch the short film directed by David Longstreth to the tune of “Swing Lo Magellan”

Last night in New York, specifically in Manhattan’s Landmark Sunshine Cinema, “Hi Custodian”, an experimental short film directed by David Longstreth, premiered. All of the members of Dirty Projectors participated in it and some of the songs from “ Swing Lo Magellan” (their most recent album for Domino) are heard, as well as unreleased material recorded during the same sessions. The film was recorded last spring over the course of five days in Southern California and it is presented as “a surreal narrative about spiritual death and rebirth” .

Coinciding with its premiere, the film has just been released online through the YouTube channel, the project’s co-producers. We also leave it for you here.

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