Jack White Confirms That Radiohead Passed Through His Third Man Studio

Former White Stripes assures that he didn’t participate in the sessions

A few weeks ago, what Thom Yorke said during his performance at the Bonnaroo festival fed speculation about a possible Radiohead collaboration with Jack White. In view of events coming close together, such as the collaboration with Beck, many imagined the Oxford group releasing a single in Third Man Records’ 'Blue Series'. This remains unconfirmed, but White has shed a bit of light on their encounter.

In statements made to BBC 6 Music, the Detroit musician has revealed that Radiohead did record in his Third Man Studio, although he assures that he had nothing to do with the session. “I don’t know how much I should say about that, beyond that I didn’t play with them or produce […] They came and recorded at Third Man. I don’t know what else I can tell you about that. That’s all that I can say” . Or White doesn’t know the purpose of the material, or he doesn’t want to tell us yet. What is clear is that Radiohead recorded something new when they were in Nashville. We’ll find out soon.

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