Catalan Artist Xavier Gonzalez d’Egara Exhibits For The First Time In London

'The Three Seasons' includes paintings inspired by tracks from artists such as Mad Mike, Plastikman and Nathan Fake

The relationship between music and painting is as old as the modern world. Both arts have fed off of each other for centuries, becoming even more closely linked with the arrival of the 20th Century avant-garde. The Futurists reclaimed noise as musical material; Picasso painted sets and designed wardrobes for Stravinsky; John Cage and R obert Rauschenberg collaborated and mutually influenced each other; before them, Wassily Kandinsky sought to represent music and sound with his works, strongly influenced by the work of composers like Arnold Schoenberg. Kandinsky considered that a painting could be the visual representation of a musical composition. A little over five years ago, a study done by London neuroscientists declared him to be partly right, confirming that the senses of sight and hearing are closely linked in the brain, and that this closeness causes neurological phenomena - such as the synaesthesia that leads some to hear colours or see sounds.

To this long line of symbiotic relationships between music and painting is added the recent work of Catalan artist Xavier Gonzalez d’Egara. Born in Terrassa in 1980, Xavier has made a place for himself in the art world as a self-taught artist, but always attentive to the personal advice of renowned artists such as Antoni Tapies or critics like Carmine Benincasa. Although Xavier declared not long ago that he always painted to the music of J.S. Bach, his latest works are the fruit of a very different soundtrack.

Xavier is about to reveal his first show in London, 'The Three Seasons', including a series of paintings inspired by tracks from techno artists like Mad Mike, Plastikman, Christian Vogel, Derrick May, Carl Craig and Nathan Fake. The show will be held at Imitate Modern Gallery from 22nd March to 10th April. Also, on 23rd March, Xavier will be painting live at the gallery along with music and visuals by Alex Salgado and Henry Brubaker. If you are thinking of stopping by the English capital, it’s the perfect combination of leisure and culture.

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